Wednesday, 7 August 2013

IPAP 3rd: 'SEA OF PEACE' Exhibition~Baengnyeong, S.Korea.

Ooooh Hiya!!!
So I'm currently showing my work as part of a new exhibition that opened over in South Korea last week.
The 'Sea of Peace' exhibition launched for it's third annual series featuring the work of 60 international contemporary artists and writers. The exhibition is part of Incheon Art Platform's 'Peace Arts Project' initiative and it is currently making it's debut on the island of Baengnyeongdo across several venues including the hospital, underground emergency shelters, Baekryeong cathedral and in the public space. The work I am showing is of course from my 'Tales from Blue Truck Island' series that was produced onsite during my time living on Baengnyeong island as part of the 'IAP Peace Art Residency 2013'. Really excited to be showing as part of the exhibition and it's really awesome that all of the works are shown on Baengnyeong itself. I shall update soon with more juice about the exhibition!
Love and Sparkles,
Emma xxx

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