Wednesday, 28 August 2013

'The Whistle-Stop Diaries' Screening in Bristol, UK~TONIGHT!


Exciting news, in that tonight 'The Whistle-Stop Diaries' ( my recent collab with superstarrrrr animator of dreams, Will Adams) will be screening tonight in Bristol, UK.
The animation, which is all about the tiny South Korean island of Baengnyeong, will be featuring at Skwigly Magazine's Animation Showcase!!!!
The event will be hosted at 'The Looking Glass' as part of the fringe programme of the 'Encounters Short Film and Animation Festival'.
So, if you happen to be in Bristol then pop along and check it out! It's a free extravaganza and starts at 7.30pm tonight (28th August 2013!)

'The Looking Glass'
39-40 High Street, 
Bristol, BS1 2AW.

Love and Sparkles,

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