Sunday, 20 July 2008

Cruising Northern Territory!!!

Byker...Byker...Byker Grove!
I hopped on the train (Yes, with an action packed copy of "That's Life" in hand!!!) and headed North for a few days break to see the family up in Newcastle....which was very nice!!!I had a big catch up with people, ate lots of yummy food, had a "Long Way Down" marathon which has left me now desperately wanting to visit Africa and I have also fallen in love with Ewan McGregor...I want to whiz through Malawi on a motorbike with him!YES PLEASE! My brother also enlightened me on Guitar Hero...which is my new favourite game...I don't usually like computer games...but now I like to think that I'm an expert!!!
I also took the time to visit all of my old craft haunts which gave me the chance to pick up some extra special bits and pieces for the new collection....amazing rhinestones, fluffy pom-poms.....twinkly spangly glitter....and lots of it!!!
I also visited my FAVOURITE place....the Sunday flea market at Tynemouth!!!Yayyy!!!!

My little brother! Tynemouth Priory!!!

Love and Brown Ale,
Emma xxxx

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James said...

is that your hotttt brother emma bell?!