Thursday, 10 July 2008

Rosie centre and OH!who are these 2 "hunky" specimens?!It's Richard Kellett and Thomas Sels!

Howdy Trotting Ponies!!!!
Wednesday night saw a charity fundraising bash thrown by the lovely Rosie! The event was held at 'Ande de Bridge' in Shoreditch to raise dosh for; an Aids awareness foundation that raises money through fashion and music to provide education in areas including South America, India, Africa and the UK...
Bottletop bags are made by various co-operatives worldwide that benefit from the proceeds....even PARIS HILTON has seen on the Bottletop website!, whack out your credit card and make a purchase! Super hot brand, Fenchurch, have even got involved and churned out a range of ethical accessories and t-shirts!

The event was an all involved fundraiser meets fashion networking extravaganza with a silent vintage Levi's, portraits of Snoop Dog by Blaize Simon and a phantasmagorical Charlie Le Mindu haircut were all up for grabs!
Niyi churned out some tunes on the decks and models were strutting around wearing Emma Bell.....all in the name of a really good cause!!!To get more info you can go to if you are feeling generous and would like to crack out a donation...go to
Love and Bottletopssss
Emma xxxx

moi and Thomas... Jobot and Mel

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