Thursday, 9 July 2009

Read All About it!!! (said in the voice of the dudes that sell newspapers....)

Yo Yo Yo.......
So the latest issue of Notion is now gracing the shelves of Borders and the likes....AND they ran a 2 page feature on Designers Against Aids and the NYC Against HIV event that I was involved with back in May!!! WOOOO exciting!
I was extra excited as I got to write the piece for them which was awesome!!!
Ooh yes and I got to have a special bit of spiel in the contributors bit in which I rambled on about my days starring in Byker Grove, having a bad perm and wearing tracksuits!!! Ch Ch Check it out!!!
Emma xxxx


Amy Emerson said...

Oh Emma can you send me a copy??! Is there a full page feature on your juicy knee??

x Amy

Random Bangle said...

ever think about trying the perm and shell suit look again? hothothot!!!!