Monday, 27 May 2013

Temples, Balloons and Sweet Potato Stuff!

Good Morning from Koreaaaa!!!
Hiya! Just a quick one as there isn't really any juicy gossip today~just a few colourful photos!! So my time this past week has been mainly focused on wrapping up all of my projects here and working in preparation for my exhibition that will be opening shortly!
I don't have much time left in wonderful Korea so I've been squeezing in a few special sights and sampling as many yummy sweet potato products as possible! I'm obsessed with these sweet potato options...steam sweet potato cake...sweet potato latte...sweet potato ice cream...sweet potato cream cake...sweet potato many things to try!LOVE THEM!!!!
The other day I went for a lurk around Gangnam for the first time and I also paid a visit to the beautiful Bongeunsa Temple which was magical...bizarre as you have all of the curly, colourful temples and then a whole load of skyscrapers in the background! We are still at the end of the Lotus Festival here so this temple also still has all of the lanterns up which is a really awesome sight to see! I also sneaked in a final visit to wonderful Wolmi Island to have a last bit of candyfloss!!!!!!The weather here has been amazing this past week...a couple of cheeky 30 degrees thrown in!!YES PLEASE!
Ok so it's back to the grind so I will leave you with a few photos from recent adventures!!
Love and Sparkles,
Emma xxxx

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