Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Shooting in Suwon!!!!!!!!!

Helllooo from Sunny Korea!!!!!!!!!
So at the weekend I was working on another collaboration here in S.K with a wonderfully talented team on a photoshoot in the nearby city of Suwon!

It was pretty exciting to get to see another area of the country and I also experienced my first encounter with Korean buses which was fun~ especially when there are coffee and donuts involved!!!! So our location was the 'Korean Folk Village' which was really awesome to see as my work here is very closely linked to Korean heritage and culture so it was great to work with a backdrop that is so specific and of course massively different to what I am used to in the UK!
The village is amazing with a tonne of traditional structures, ceremonial performances, artifacts and sets and the whole place is surrounded by super green forests so it was a really cool location to shoot at!!! Such a fun day working with a wonderful bunch of creative people...so keep an eye out for the upcoming images of our collaboration....
Love and Sparkles,


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