Monday, 27 May 2013

'Tales from Blue Truck Island'

Oohhh Hiya!!!
Thought I would share the results of my latest collection produced during my residency with Incheon Art Platform, here in South Korea! As I've mentioned (about a million times!), I have been based here for the past 3 months working between Baengnyeong-do, Incheon and Seoul working on my new series of wearable art works and developing a whole load of field research which has included teaching textile workshops, collaborating on an animation and working with creatives based here on various photoshoots!

My new work is titled 'Tales from Blue Truck Island' and is based upon the themes of cultural identity and community interaction with the residents and visual aesthetics of Baengnyeong Island.... You can find the full information and details about the project and it's influences on my website by clicking HERE!!!
I've loved working on this project, it gave me a whole load of new inspiration from places that had I not been working on this artist residency, I probably would never have got to experience, IN MY LIFE! The final results of the 'Tales from Blue Truck Island' include the series of wearable art works, a photography collaboration and an animation.... the animation is coming soon so keep your eyes peeled!!! And tomorrow my exhibition here in Korea I will be also updating on that!!!
So the images were produced in collaboration with the super talented, Seoul based photographer, Jessica Berggrun and a wonderful team of magical people!
I will leave you with a select few images from the project and you can see the full series of photography and read all about the project HERE!!!!!! 
Image Credits:
Photographer:Jessica Berggrun.
Make Up Artist: Natalia Che.
Models: Sera Haith & Correen Bo.
Assistant: Sarah Kim.

Catch you laterzzzz!!!
Love & Sparkles,
Emma xxx

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