Saturday, 16 August 2008

EGG-A-RAMA DRAMA!Limited Edition Necklace's AVAILABLE NOW!!!

Evening Popsicles!!!
oooooooooooohhhh EGG-A-RAMA Drama!!EXCLUSIVE LIMITED EDITION fried egg necklace!YES PLEASE!!!OOh Poached or Fried or On the side?!?!
Three beautiful hand-crocheted fried eggs on a mystical, sparkly gold ribbon of dreams!!!
Grab yourself an Emma Bell original corker for a beaut of a bargain of £12...and I'll throw in postage for free!!!
Available INTERNATIONALLY so whether you're in Timbuktu, Bolivia or up the road you can get your juicy hands on this phantasmagorical necklace of delights?!!?!?
TROT ALONG TO and get yours NOW before they're all gone!!!
Love and Frying Pans!
Emma xxxx

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