Saturday, 2 August 2008

When Amsterdam came to Emma World!

Good Afternoon crazy teapots!!!
So, as you already know I chatted about a super hot, magical, stylistic visit from Joey Elgersma and the Amsterdam Clubkids a couple of weeks back! The encounter saw a collaboration between Emma Bell's collection and Joey Elgersma's styling talents, drinking glasses of pop in a hotel room way out west, then stepping into the unknown territory that is a spangly, polished club on the Kings Road dotted with girls who thought my simple H&M tights were like something from another planet?!hmmmm...
So anyway, as are a few snaparoos from the said night courtesy of Joey and photographer Dennis Branko!!!!
Peel your eyes for some viewin
g pleasure twinkletoes....

Moi and Joey!
Love and Afternoon Chai Latte's,
Emma xxx

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