Thursday, 7 August 2008

Emma The Tattoo Artist....

Evening Night-Owls!
(Also, here's a little bit of enlightening trivia for you....the Nightowls was also a really amazing radio station back in the day in Newcastle...this dude called Alan Robson used to present had a ridiculous theme tune that I loved and there was always lots of scary ghost stories!!!)
Anyway...check out my masterpiece of some creature called a Mongolian golden trunk monkey shrew that James had the honor of sporting...or something to that

As you can see...I'm now an expert tattoo artist...or not!Word on the street is when you are learning the tricks of the trade, that you practice on pig's I will not be picking up a pig carcass as that would not be very vegetarian of I guess I shall just stick to liquid eyeliner and Johnson's Baby Powder!
Love and Rock and Roll!
Emma xxxx

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