Saturday 2 August 2008

New studio and Earplugs please!?

Good Evening?!
Where to start with this past week...its been a hectic razzmatazz of shifting boxes, sweating in tropical clima
tes on the sewing machine, pattern cutting galore,knitting and drinking chamomile tea...On Monday I moved into my new studio that I will be working in! It is GOURMET!!! Myself and my magical knit assistant extraordinaire made ourselves at home and we have now been joined by my other new intern Kathy, who just graduated from the same University that I did,Westminster!!!As they say "A rolling stone gathers no moss" so, it has been full steam ahead and the rail of glory is gradually becoming more juicy as an abundance of my SS09 pieces dance their way onto the hangers! So it's been a really exciting and very productive week!Check out the snap above of my new creative abode!
I also have to mention my yummy dinner last night....persuaded by the horrid prospect of walking home in the rain wearing inappropriate footwear we decided to skip playing masterchef and go out for some tastebud-tastic (I really need to reign the cheesy lingo in...I sound like a right knob) cuisine....We had the most amazing crispy tofu with lemongrass, chilli and ginger and one of the best veggie pad-thai's I have ever got my chops around!YES PLEASE!!!!

So after an exhausting week, I shun going out on a Friday evening and decide to stay at home indulging in some pajama and TV time...I also whipped up a quorn Lasagna which was quite a feast and could probably feed a small country for a month...anyway, I settle down watching "Shopgirl"...(only because Jason Schwartzman is in it and he is SUPER HOT, and my future husband... ) to hear that some dickhead has parked up his car outside my window, cracked open the doors and rolled out some curbside disco....I'm quite the curtain twitcher so, I was straight there for a cheeky spy....and what do I witness??? Actually some chump, whacking out an actual AIRPUNCH as he chants "Techno" several times?!Where the hell do these jokers spring up from!? I could even smell their dirty kebabs lurking their way through my pancake-thin windows...nice....
Luckily, only yesterday, Katie presented me with a pair of brightly coloured earplugs.....You can have a look at them and be jealous...are you jealous???YEP, thought so...and you can also see how well they compliment my wool!!!

Love and Midnight Feasts,
Emma xxxx

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