Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Slovenia Calling! New Artist Residency!!!

Time to get the old backpack out!!! For some time I've been working in preparation for a new project I have coming up that I'm super duper excited about!!! Tomorrow I'm heading to Slovenia for the first time to get cracking on my new artist residency in the city of Maribor! I was recently awarded a residency and scholarship with the Guestroom Maribor programme at Pekarna Magdalenske Mreže Cultural Centre and as of tomorrow I will be beginning my projects in the city! My upcoming works propose to engage the fields of wearable arts meets fashion based around community interaction, cultural identity and craft heritage. Maribor is currently European Capital of Culture 2012 so I can't wait to get involved with all of the goings on and action....weeeeee too exciteddddd!
Looking forward to collaborating with creatives in the city (so if you are based in Maribor, drop me a line!!!) and also excited for gourmet swirly cakes and cheese dumplings!!!!!
So right now it's packing mayhem as I try to squeeze in all of my equipment and a stash of Earl Gray teabags whilst juggling dyeing my hair, polishing off a spot of work and fending off the wisdom tooth drama that has been plagueing the past few days!!! eeekkk!!!
Roll on tomorrow- labyrinthine journey from UK-via Germany-Via Austria and finally onto Slovenia to the wonders of Maribor!!!!! Yayyyyyyyyy!!!!!!
Love and Gibanica,
Emma xxxx

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