Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Radio Station Fun Times and Other Joys....

Oohhh Hiya!!!!
Well, to be honest the past few days have mainly involved being hidden away in the studio, covered head to toe in glitter, sewing frantically ready for a photoshoot that I was working on today.... it also involved a lot of fake, sugar free Red Bull, ghost dodging, marathon watching and of course the occassional slice of freshly baked strudel!!!
A few days ago we did an interview with the guys at Radio MARĊ  here in Maribor which was so much was also followed by the most gourmet Tiramisu ice cream! A little dog also came along for the ride and radio action!!!!
The other night I went to my first ever Harp recital ....which I really enjoyed and was hosted at a lovely event at Skrinja Galerija with a dance performance and a viola!!!!
This week I've been working on a weaving project that uses the physical space of the

gallery where I am based, alongside creating
the new pieces that I will be exhibiting here in Maribor as part of my series titled 'The Hives of Lepi Spomini'. More on that some other time!!!
So, today was one of my favourite days since I arrived here in beautiful Slovenia.... a big part of my project here involves collaborating with local creatives and the art scene here in the city... today I was working with an AWESOME team on creating some photography that will be
showcased as part of our 'Call me Human Torch' exhibition that opens next week. I was so excited to work with a bunch of people here in the city and I'm looking forward to unleashing the images that we created!!!
In other exciting news...the posters and flyers arrived hot off the press this morning and they look all shiny and glorioussss!!!!
Ok so I shall leave you with a couple of pictures...
Love and Sparkles,
Emma xxxxx


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