Sunday, 27 May 2012

The Slovenian Road Trip of Dreamzzzz!!!

Helloooo from Slovenia (Eurovision Style!)
So the past few days have been awesome...and some of the favourite days OF MY LIFE wahhhh!!!! I had the chance to be kindly taken on a magical, whirlwind road trip around beautiful Slovenia....I had the best time EVER!!!!
First up was an adventure to AMAZINGGG Lake Bled where we checked out the castle and sampled the gourmet local vanilla slice!!!! One of the prettiest places I have ever been...I'd be more than happy to have a fairytale view like this everyday!!!
Next on the cards was something I have wanted to do FOREVER!! We headed to the town of Radovljica to attend a workshop at the Lectar Museum- which is basically a chance to watch the masters at work as they craft the famous gingerbread hearts- and then get in there and make your own! This was sooo much of the best places in the World for sure!!! The best part of our workshop was when a tour group of about 30 business men rocked in and we ended up with a this outrageous audience- The real pinnacle was when I was
mistaken for a member of staff in the bakers paradise- obviously I look like a professional gingerbread maker.... we also had the most incredible lunch with a beautiful view over the mountains at the Lectar House and a spider dropped on me from a tree....
After the glorious session at the gingerbread palace we headed to the capital, Ljubliana and it's also one of my new favourite places!!! Plenty of curly buildings and an abundance of deluxe cakes!!!
Also in the mix this weekend was a wonderful trip to the countryside where I was kindly invited to the 'house of dreams' by two lovely girls, Katra and Iris! AMAZINGGG house full of trinkets and treasures complete with orchards, an old brewery and magical views!!!!  We were staying in Zalec  and also popped to Celje to check out the castle!!!
Ok, so words are not I'll round this off with some pictures...obviously I've been selective as I was so excited that I was in total tourist mode and snapped about 600 photos!!!!
Love and Sparkles,

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Unknown said...

The view is really good. I am breathless. It is simply breath taking. What a tour.