Monday, 7 May 2012

Studio in the Gallery of Dreamzzzz!!!!

Just a quick one with some updates!!!It's been a busy few days....flea markets...almost getting killed by an umbrella....getting lost in the hills....So now we have moved into our new workspace in the gallery in the city!! It's amazingg!!Big old 16th century building with spooky underground cellars!!!!Such a nice space!!!LOVE IT!!! Today we started decorating the exterior of the gallery ready for an event we are doing tomorrow evening- an artist presentation which we will be kicking off at 7pm at the K18 gallery (KOROŠKI 18) if you happen to be local then pop on down!!!! 
I've started cracking on with my projects now, so there's been research akimbo going on and I have a nice 'Bumblebee' chair and a Barbie table for my sewing antics!! Glorious!!!!! Been checking out all of the great fabric shops and continuing with my cake eating mission!!! I'm going to leave you with some pictures of the gallery alongside some random snaps I've been taking.....
Love and Sparkles....
Emma xxxxxx

The wonders of Slovenian TV.....AMAZINGGG!!!

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