Friday, 8 March 2013

Hello from Korea!!!!!

Oooohhh Hiya!!!!
So earlier in the week I arrived in South Korea where I will be based for the next 3 months working as artist in residence and developing a whole new bunch of work... The programme is operated by Incheon Art Platform and will involve me engaging in a community and culture influenced project which also includes field research and in situ development of a new series of wearable art works. Right now I am currently based at IAP in the city and later on during my residency I will go off on adventures and experience island life Robinson Crusoe styleeee!!!
Incheon Art Platform is a cultural arts complex located in the lovely sea port city of Incheon and the residency is implemented and supported by the Incheon Arts and Culture Foundation. I LOVE the centre as it's all based in a cluster of 13, restored 1930's buildings so there are galleries, performance theatres, archive resources, artist studios and an education hall all on site so it's an awesome creative environment! There are both 
International and Korean artists based here so there is a lot going on, exhibitions and events galore, so it's an amazingggg place to get going with my project. Super excited about getting started with my new works and can't wait to branch out to embrace island extravaganzas!!!
Over the upcoming week I will be focusing on the aspects of my project that look at Korean culture by researching heritage crafts, the local textile industry and National dress. SUPER excited about learning more about traditional Hanbok and the materials that they use so that's whats going down on the agenda over the next few days!!!
I'm really enjoying being here in Incheon, it's a great city with a lot going on and the history of the place is fascinating so there is a lot to take in alongside settling in, in Korea. At the moment there are 3 other international artists in residence here so it's so much fun to check out the city together either supermarket hopping or going to random places with umbrellas on the ceiling to drink makgeolli! Also imagine my joy when we discovered the purikura machines up some back alley and we also ended up accidentally gatecrashing a dance class full of body poppers throwing out the moves to a bit of K-Pop~what a corker!!! There are so many things that I love about the town, one of my favourites being the Sinpo traditional market which is like a magical arcade full of street vendors, fruit and veg stalls, piles of kimchi and also a shop that has really cute socks!
Chinatown is just around the corner from the artist's guesthouse and it's all colourful and sparkly with plenty of places selling bubble tea which makes me sooo happy!!! Also at the back of the complex is Jayu Park and Palgakjeong Pavilion which is lovely to walk around both in the day to get a view over the port and by night when they have some light installations~there are also lots of ginger cats roaming around up there so obviously I am LOVING this!!!!
Ok, so there are a million more stories to tell and about a zillion photos that I have taken since arriving but I will space them out so it doesn't go into overload!!!!
Right now I've just got home from Seoul so I'm looking forward to getting my slippers on and drinking a sweet potato latte whilst making a start on some embroidery!!!!!Totally my new favourite drink EVER!!!! So I will leave you with some photos and will unleash all of the Seoul juice and other recent joys soon!!!!!
Love and Sparkles,
Emma xxx

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