Sunday, 10 March 2013

Palaces and Sunsets in Seoul!

I ventured into Seoul a couple of days ago for the first's a ride away on the subway so pretty convenient for me to get in and out of the city.... I was so excited to go and visit the royal palaces and my first stop was to Gyeongbokgung. It's a huge complex so I ended up spending the majority of my time there as there was so much to see as well as watch the changing of the guards in their colourful robes! I LOVED it here and it was such a sunny day so it was lovely to just wander around! Afterwards I began with my research and visited the National Folk Museum before checking out the Open Air Exhibition which has a set of old houses and shop fronts demonstrating various things like a vintage magazine shop and a barbers! The Folk Museum had lots of textiles on display and traditional clothing so that was really great to see!!! Afterwards I headed to the Dongdaemun area where I ended up roaming around FOREVER! It's a big shopping area so there are underground markets, arcades and and a multiplex full of clothes, shoes, accessories, fabrics...pretty much anything you could ever want!!! It is also in this area where they have the tailors that make bridal wear and the traditional Hanbok so I spent some time looking at the materials they use and checking out all the amazing colours!!! Amongst the side streets I found industrial embroiderers, textile stores and trim specialists so this is going to be quite a useful area for me, so can't wait to go back and explore more and to start sourcing my fabrics for my project! Time flew sooo fast and before I knew it there was a big orange sunset!!!! Super excited to spend more time in the city this week as there are a tonne of places and galleries that I'm looking forward to visiting! Ok, so the sunshine is calling so I will leave you with some photos!
Love and Sparkles,

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