Monday, 11 March 2013

The DELIGHT of a Korean Funfair!!!!!

It's no secret that I LOVE a good funfair.....back when I was living in Vienna I could be found lurking around the Prater almost every night of the imagine my happiness when I discovered my first Korean funfair....what's even better is that it's only a short walk away from where I'm living!!!
My main focus whilst I'm based here in the city before I go off site with my project is to really understand and experience the essence of Incheon so my plans at the moment are to take my research all over the city and look at the different areas and districts...
Over the weekend I went to 'Wolmido', or 'Wolmi Island' as it's also known (FYI 'do' means island!). The weather was GLORIOUS to the point I could even ditch my coat! My first port of call was to check out Wolmi Park which is a nice set of traditional Korean gardens and buildings before heading to the Marina and 'Wolmi Culture Street'.
The island has a huge, colourful fairground which was my main reason for was awesome and there was even a 'TAGADA'!!!There was loads of cute couples there on dates, eating candyfloss and plenty of families and people fishing on the nearby rocks!Tonnes of rides, snack stalls, arcade games and kiosks selling rainbow coloured balloons and foil toy windmills!!! Super loud K-Pop playing from every speaker going and a zillion fish restaurants!
The marina looks out over the sea so there was lots of boats coming in and out and as it was the weekend the place was rammed!
It's interesting to see that no matter where you go in the world that funfairs are much of a likeness only with their own bit of 'local~ness' in Vienna there was the Käsekrainer and here they rock out the long skinny bits of dried squid?!?! was awesome...I totally want to go there EVERY day!!!! a few photos of the delights....

After I'd eaten so much candyfloss and fried sweet potato products that I felt sick, I took a venture through the backstreets into the residential areas and found some really cool stuff.... the local housing areas are really quiet and I noticed that people had 'customised' their houses?!?! On the outside walls of their homes people had painted them all muliti-coloured, with cartoons and murals, totally AMAZINGGGG!!!!!! Someone had even painted a 'Rugrats' picture!!!!
I really like that everyone makes their homes so personal...and I loved that even the quiet back streets were so fun and colourful!...I even found a graveyard of old fairground rides in someone's back garden!!!!
There was also a scenario when I was on my way back to Incheon....I popped into the 'Traditional Culture Display' and next thing I knew, a woman was dressing me up in full traditional Korean National Dress!!!! Robes....wig....everything and a few 'special poses'.....what a beaut....I'll be keeping those photos to myself thanks~sorry ha ha!!! that's all for now about my fairground doubt I will be going back for more Korean Seaside fun...ermmmm more than a few times!!!!!
Love and Sparkles,
Emma xxxx

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