Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Sewing in Dreamland...

It's a lovely blue sky, sunshine filled day here in South Korea....yet it is FREEEEZING outside and mega windy...I skipped out totally dressed for a Spring time occasion...and I almost came home with frostbite...Ok, well slight exaggeration....but it's SUPER chilly out there today!
So I don't have too much juicy gossip I'm afraid, sorry but no excitement of magical palaces or Hello Kitty cafes today! This past few days or so I have mainly been at one with my desk, working away on my project and trying to process all of my research and the million new ideas that I have! I really love it here and it's such an amazingly intense new environment for me so it feels like every day I see something or someone that gives me new ideas and themes that I want to explore....
It's been really nice to just sit here working quietly....well not so quietly as of course the 'Party Mix' has been playing on repeat....but to just spend some time totally dedicated to my project without any distractions. It is also a good time to slowly work my way through every instant drink in a sachet that is available as I am OBSESSED with all of these special flavours! To date the best ones have included Sweet Potato Latte, Pumpkin & Yam and my current favourite is Walnut and Job's Tears tea... of course nothing is quite as supreme as a nice Matcha latte....that will ALWAYS take some beating!

When I've not been doing studio work I've been continuing to document the area around IAP and Incheon in there have been some nice, super early mornings (as I'm STILL unable to sleep!) spent with the sketchbook in nearby Jayu Park which is really lovely...although it requires me to whip out the fingerless gloves and take hot coffee with me as its gets pretty cold up on that hill at that hour! I really love the surrounding residential areas around the park as there are plenty of winding streets and some great views across the colourful rooftops of the city....I love this photo above as there was a little dog keeping watch on my movements in case I tried to sneak into those ceramic pots there! As part of my research I've been looking into Korean quilting so all of these great, patchwork type, rooftop views offer plenty of food for thought!
This week I've also been focusing on setting the ball rolling with some collaborations that I have planned as part of the latter parts of my projects here, so I'm massively excited to get teaming up with new creatives around Seoul and Incheon as well as get cracking with a couple of other exciting bits and pieces that I've got planned!!! I'm always on the lookout for new photographers, MUAs, potential collaborators etc, so anyone who is interested and based in the area, feel free to drop me a line via my website!
Today I'm working on some sampling for my textile work so this evening I will be continuing to do a spot of applique and crochet and also going to be getting to grips with the finer points of how fishing nets are constructed...hardcore.....
Ok, so back to the grind...I think that's all the updates for now!!!
Catch you laterzzzz!!!
Emma xxxxx

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natali said...

that building is a technicolor dream!!! sounds very exciting :)