Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Going British in Taipei and Glorious Burgers!

Good Evening from Taipei!!!!
So yesterday I took a day away from the studio which was fun as I had a special agenda planned! In the morning I had a few bits and pieces of work to do with a couple of super exciting side projects that I'm working on whilst here in Taipei!Then it was onto hitting up some shopping action in Ximending (which is one of my favourite areas here!)...It was dark so there was neon overload which made me happy and there's so many awesome shops there! It's like Taipei's answer to a mini Harajuku! The evening was especially exciting as I met a friend for dinner...but not just any dinner...a special one.... I've been having mega food cravings so I've been counting down the days to pay the British Pub a visit!!!! We went to 'ON TAP' in the Zhongxiao Dunhua area and I had one of the best veggie burgers OF MY LIFE!!! Veggie walnut burger with Heinz ketchup...this made me so happy! This place serves cider and allsorts...even a bit of quiche!! LOVED IT! Of course we then branched out to a little place up the road for some GLORIOUS ice cream puffs for dessert!

The other day during a return trip back to the amazing fabric market we stumbled upon an exhibition which was literally over the road from the market... Now I don't know the full info as none of the literature they were handing out was in English...but it was a bunch of Architecture students from a local university showing different ways of changing a building's appearance...or something to that effect. It was pretty cool and they had decked the place out with a load of crochet and the likes....also inside was a showcase of conceptual chairs and a few digital features....it was hottt...as I said that's all the info I have on that....so answers on a postcard if you happen to know the full story!!!

I'm off to bed...over and out...

Love Emma


Anonymous said...

Hey Emma!

I can't believe you're in Taipei!!!
Cause i live here and you were kind of inspire me few years ago when i was doing my college's fashion week project.
And if you stay here till the end of April there is a graduation exhibits of my college during that week !
Hope you like Taipei,hope you can understand what i'm saying :)

Emma Bell said...

Heyyy!!!! Yes, Ill be here till 26th April! Which date is your exhibition! Would love to come check it out if I'm still in town?!
Emma xx

Anonymous said...

OH!!!too bad!the fashion week is like a competition,the finals is 30th April and 1th May!!!
But during 25th April to 1th May we still have the fashion show of Taiwanese new designer who were graduated from my college!

Bye the way,it's not my graduation exhibits!i graduated last year and got into finals!

this is my college page

here is last year's finals picture

If you still interest in those show
I can check the time for you!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh I think the system missed my comment.
Anyway!It's too bad !Cause the exhibits is like a competition , the finals is at 30th April and 1th May!
But during 25th April to 29th April we have shows for new designer who were graduated from our college.

here is my college's page

and here is last year's finals

If you still interested in our show,I can check the time for you!

By the way ,it's not my exhibition!I graduated last year and got in the finals :)

Emma Bell said...

Ahhhh such a shame I will be gone by then!Would have been great to see! But maybe I can make the 25th if the time is not too late?! x

Anonymous said...

!!!!April 23th and April 24th is the finals of the Second grade and third grade!!!
One day is creative group which are second grade,the other day are ready-to-wear group which are third grade!But it need ticket!Maybe I can get some tickets for you but I need to know which group you want to watch and how many tickets you need if you want to come~~

Emma Bell said...

Heyyy!!! ahhh I wish I could come....my flights have been changed so now I have to leave for the uk on the 24th!!! Sad I'll miss it!!!!xxxxx