Thursday, 17 March 2011

Memorial Halls and Foreign Medication!

Ooh hiya!
To be honest there is not a great deal of gossip this week as the past few days I have been battling feeling horrendously ill. Also, I can't stop thinking about the awful situation going on in Japan right now. I really can't believe the tragic footage from this disaster, incredibly sad. I was relieved that my friends in Japan have remained safe at this time but, it's just frightening to watch it all unfold. At one point Taiwan was put on Tsunami Alert and I'll admit I was totally panicked, likewise when I started reading about potential radiation threats here. So yes, let's just say it's a bit too close for comfort being so near. But please take the time to go and donate to the Red Cross Tsunami Appeal, it only takes a couple of minutes to help our friends in Japan: CLICK HERE!!!
As for being ill... nothing worse than being sick in a foreign country, all I wanted was my nice, patchwork blankets, Heinz tomato soup and lots of Channel 4. One highlight of the illness was the weird trip to the Taiwanese pharmacy.... they ended up giving me a huge amount of random pills, which to be honest haven't even worked apart from giving me crazy dreams and nightmares including being in a rockband, The Great Fire of London and getting tattoos of orange circles!

Anyway, earlier this week I took myself off on a research trip which was fun. I managed to pick up a few awesome bits and pieces from a great craft store called 'Bear Mama DIY' which can be found near to Taipei Main Station. They had a whole bunch of great stuff... and my luggage is likely to be close to bursting when I leave! The jewel and sparkle situation was super hot and I'll be excited to put some of the delights I purchased into good use upon my return to the UK!
In other news I went to check out the Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall and the 'Emerald Lake' and I was happy that it hit 25 degrees as it's been pretty chilly recently!
The evening saw a yummy veggie/gossip dinner with a graphic designer called Ann, here in Taipei who I had randomly met via a girl from high school! Small world! Now I'm back onto designing some pieces for an upcoming project, so full steam ahead and all!

Before I get back to my pencil and paper.... recently featured some of my latest and current works on their website! Yayyyyy thanks!

Love and Sparkles

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