Friday, 11 March 2011

The Super Slushy of Taipei...

Good Afternoon from rainy Taiwan!
Pretty sparse on the updates as I'm currently cracking on with making 2 new pieces so right now it's hardcore sessions with a bit of J-Pop and Lady Gaga in the studio!
On Monday however I took a day off to attend to the realms of the city! Bit of
a whistlestop itinerary as I had to tend to a greatly anticipated sleep-in and a laundry mission! Then it was onto a couple of exciting meetings in town with some awesome creatives that I look forward to collaborating with followed by a chilly stint writing my journal in the 228 Peace Park. The park has a memorial to the victims of the 228 Massacre in the form of a spire and cubes alongside the Memorial Museum and the National Taiwan Museum.

Next stop was LUNCHTIME at my favourite veggie place... 'Minder Vegetarian' which has a Taiwanese buffet of abundance as well as a regular menu with things like "Vegetarian Bacon Pizza" and the likes!
I was then hotfooting it back East to the Taipei City Hall area to check out a couple of places as well as indulge in a bit of social time! I've talked about my praise for the ' Couchsurfing' network before but, I always need to bring it up because I think it's amazing! In the evening I met up with a lovely fellow artist I'd met via Couchsurfing and we hit up a German beer cellar in the Eslite building. The place is called
Le Blé d’Or and it made me feel like I was back in Austria! Staff were rocking super-cute Lederhosen with multi-coloured embroidery and hats with feathers! The whole place is decked out in true Bavarian style complete with beer barrel chairs and weird ales! As we know I LOVE a Slushy and I have possibly found the World's biggest one....Guinness and was so big I had major brain freeze and could only finish half of it!
The Eslite building has become one of my favourite places here in has a really great International magazine department with pretty much every fashion mag I could think of... the art and design book floor is AMAZING...there's a tonne of really cool boutiques in there as well as cafe's and stuff so it's quite a crowd puller and it's fun to hang out there!

Anyway that's pretty much what has gone down in the past there's a few photos... I'm still getting to grips when it comes to using this fancy camera in the nighttime... and I seem to have captured a couple of mystical orbs on a shot of the Taipei 101 building.... I like to think it's some sort of paranormal activity even though it's clearly a photo taking mishap!
Oooh one last thing before I return to my is a feature of my work in Zona de Obras Magazine (Spain) from a while back which, I'm finally getting round to posting!

Toodle Pips and Chopsticks!

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