Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Pizza Night and Invisible Cats!

Good Evening from Taipei!
It's actually been warm and sunny for once...tropical all round!!!
This past week has seen the start of a new series of workshops I'm doing in collaboration with a local school....been designing some outfits for the Samba band and working with a group of the parents to make 22 costumes!
I spent yesterday in the city with a couple of the girls I've met here, Alpchris and Danielle! We went to check out the art shops in Guting which sold sooo many gourmet materials before heading to Huashan 1914 Creative Park . LOVED the park... it's basically an arts centre run from an old abandoned factory where they have a bunch of events, galleries, boutiques, performances and restaurants. We went for dinner at 'Alleycats' in Huashan and ate so much GLORIOUS Pizza....we also almost sat on a sneaky little cat that was camouflaged into the chair! When we moved tables...we took the cat with us to joining in on the dinner fandangos! Wahhh then imagine my delight when a Hello Kitty Polaroid camera was unleashed?!!?!?!?I totally want one!!!!

Can you spot the invisible cat?!?! She's called Olive!!!
And finally a couple of snaps from the workshops over the weekend!

And with that I'm off to bed!!!
Emma xxxx

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