Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Fabric Market A-GO-GO!

Hello from rainy Taiwan!
The past few days have been pretty busy preparing for my next upcoming project here at the Dream Community, also I've sewn so many sequins my eyes have gone weird!
Anyway, today saw an exciting variation from the studio as I went fabric shopping! My coordinator here at the project, Mandy, took me to the big fabric house of dreams also known as 'Yong-le ShihChang' on Dihua Street in central Taipei. It was super many amazing materials and trimmings! The only bit I didn't like was walking through the ground floor before going upstairs to the fabric bit, because that was the butcher's section and I clocked a bit of blood by the door and I could smell meat...ewww
But was so much fun to go and see what they had and I picked up some juicy bits and pieces ready to start working with! I mean much as I love Shepherds Bush...these fabric places around Asia take some beating! There was a whole load of bizarre abundance of super hot quilted fabrics....sparkles galore and a bunch of randomly patterned faux-fur!
So the verdict is that fabric shopping in Taipei is pretty amazing!
Love and Lycra


marion said...

drool all over those quilted PVC's, they look like quilted ice-creams.

Unknown said...

Good to see that you finally could make the trip there.


Unknown said...

Good to see that you finally could visit the fabric market!

Soph'CB said...

so cool! i wish there was things like this where i live! X

Milli said...

Looks amazing! Would love to see what you come up with using those bright quilted PVC's.